Operative treatment of intervertebral disk prolapse

We treat intervertebral disk prolapse by a microneurosurgical operation. It consists in removing the tissue of intervertebral disks which puts pressure on the nerve root or on the articular capsule and is carried out under a microscope after general anesthesia. This requires cutting between two to four centimeters of the skin. In the area of the lumbar spine this operation is carried out from the back (dorsal), in the area of the cervical spine – from the front (ventral).

What concerns the area of the lumbar spine, practically in all cases no transplant (material to be placed in the space of the intervertebral disk) is required, while in the area of the cervical spine, we place an implant made of  titanium or, respectively, plastic plate. In some cases (young patients) we recommend a cervical disc prothesis.