Rückenleiden & Ursachen

First symptoms

Sudden shooting pains in the back, difficulties while walking, paralysis symptoms, perception deficiency and disorders (“numbness” or “tingling”) – all these are true signs of a disease of intervertebral disks. Upon identifying these symptoms in yourself, you must immediately see a doctor for a consultation.

We speak of the intervertebral disk prolapse when the tissue of intervertebral disks “leaks” out of its fixed place. In the majority of cases the protruding material of intervertebral disks exercises pressure on the tunic of the spinal cord, the articular capsule or nervous roots which come out of it. This results in acute pain.

Symptoms similar to those of intervertebral disk prolapse are observed when there are changes in vertebras (“osteochondrosis”). Osteochondrosis begins with an overload of joints and ends in arthrosis. Since causes of osteochondrosis are mainly similar to causes of intervertebral disk prolapse, it should be explained from a similar perspective.